Bidders will be permitted to submit questions to support their proposal development and submission. Questions should be emailed by the Bidder-question due date (indicated in the CFP Master Schedule) to the OGC Technology Desk. Question submitters will remain anonymous, and answers will be compiled, published, and regularly updated here. OGC may also choose to conduct a Bidder’s question-and-answer webinar to review clarifications and invite follow-on questions.

Where can the CFP and ongoing Testbed-15 news be found?
Answer: The CFP is at, and ongoing news is at updated: 2019-01-07 11:42:48
Is the focus of the machine learning section on the development and optimization of models or more on their integration with OGC Web services?
Answer: The latter. To emphasize this aspect, an additional paragraph has been added to section Machine Learning/Aim ( updated: 2019-01-31 11:21:41
What is the focus of the Data Centric Security Task? How can a WFS interact with a data store when all data is encrypted?
Answer: The task is envisioned to be the first part of a multi-initiative effort to develop interoperable solutions for Data Centric Security. The issue with WFS is one of the challenges that shall be explored. Goal of Testbed-15 is to experiment with Data Centric Security in the context of emerging OGC standards such as WFS 3.0 or WPS 3.0 and to do the foundational work necessary to build on in future initiatives. updated: 2019-01-31 11:22:01
Should a detailed breakdown of the Inkind Contribution amount be provided for each deliverable?
Answer: A breakdown (by cost category) of the Inkind Contribution may be included in the Proposed Contribution text box for each deliverable. However, please note that the content of this text box will be accessible to all Stakeholders and should contain no confidential information such as labor rates. If a Bidder wishes to provide confidential information that will only be accessible to OGC staff, it can be included in the Attached Documentation of the submission. Only one Attached Document may be submitted for the entire proposal (there is no way to submit a separate attachment for each individual deliverable). updated: 2019-02-05 09:27:22
How can a (qualified) Bidder gain access to EMITS for the Part 2 ITT?
Answer: See the Tip added under the Main Body - Introduction ( updated: 2019-02-05 09:27:48
We would like to include an in-kind contribution from a subcontractor who will not be submitting their own separate bid. Should this contribution be included as part of our bid?
Answer: Since each Participation Agreement (PA) will be a bilateral contract between OGC and the bidding organization, in general OGC will not scrutinize the details of how the Bidder chooses to acquire any downstream subcontracting services so long as it promises to make timely delivery. So a Bidder's in-kind proposal could, for example, include an estimated market-value of a downstream subcontractor's contribution to the Bidder's own total proposed in-kind contribution. However, since cost-share funding may only be used for labor cost, any downstream subcontractor contribution amount may only be listed under the Bidder's in-kind contribution (not cost-share). updated: 2019-02-08 09:03:02