Bidders will be permitted to submit questions to support their proposal development and submission. Questions should be emailed by the Bidder-question due date (indicated in the CFP Master Schedule) to the OGC Technology Desk. Question submitters will remain anonymous, and answers will be compiled, published, and regularly updated here. OGC may also choose to conduct a Bidder’s question-and-answer webinar to review clarifications and invite follow-on questions.

Is there a brief overview of what's required to submit a proposal?
Answer: Yes, the Indoor Mapping and Navigation Pilot home page now includes a Summary of Procedures to Submit a Proposal in Response to the CFP section. Scroll down past the introductory material. updated: 2018-07-03 10:01:02
The submission procedures state that on the far right, the Review link navigates to a page summarizing all the deliverables the Bidder is proposing. But this link does not appear on the bid submission form. Why is it missing?
Answer: The Review tab won't appear until the form-filler has actually submitted at least one deliverable under the Propose tab first. updated: 2018-07-03 12:55:46
Is there any limit on the size of the Proposed Contribution for each proposed deliverable?
Answer: There are no additional limits beyond the raw capacity of the infrastructure. But bidders are encouraged to incorporate content by reference where possible (rather than inline copying and pasting) so the bid evaluation team can maintain some control over the amount of material to be read in each proposal. There is also a textbox on a separate page of the submission form for inclusion of Organizational Background information (no need to include this information for each deliverable) updated: 2018-07-04 06:36:42
What are some of the ways that currently available solutions fall short of this goal (automated conversion of 3D models to turn-by-turn)? What’s the big remaining challenge?
Answer: Many of the individual data formats and interfaces are in place, but the workflows to go from point clouds to semantic 3D models to navigation networks are lacking, at least in an easily automated manner leveraging an open standardized approach. There are challenges both in creating the technologies and stitching them together to create automated workflows. updated: 2018-07-10 09:29:20
How often do first responders walk a building to perform pre-planning?
Answer: It depends on the individual fire or police department, but a reasonable rule of thumb is at least once per year for high-risk buildings and 1-3 yrs. for other facilities. updated: 2018-07-10 09:30:09
When the press release says ...future OGC initiatives will address the real-time, event-driven aspects of indoor mapping and navigation for first responders..., what does this mean? What are the event-driven aspects?
Answer: The focus of this initiative is on automating the process to generate indoor 3D maps and navigation networks as part of pre-incident planning. This data could be considered a static reference. However, future initiatives could potentially leverage this reference dataset in combination with dynamic information being collected from real-time localization systems, which may include LiDAR and other sensors, and other sources, e.g. IoT sensors, to deliver real-time navigation services for first responders during actual incidents. updated: 2018-07-10 09:31:07
How to register for the Bidders Q&A Webinar?
Answer: The registration page is at updated: 2018-07-13 09:35:54
Is an organization required to be an OGC member in order to submit a bid? In order to participate in the initiative as a selected Participant?
Answer: No, any organization may submit a bid. But as descreibed in the CFP at, proposals from non-members will be considered provided that a completed application for OGC membership (or a letter of intent to become a member) is submitted prior to (or with) the proposal. So, at minimum, a non-member should include with its proposal a letter indicating an intent to apply to become a member of OGC. This application could be contingent on being selected to receive cost-share funding. Then if the proposal is selected for one or more deliverables, this funding could be used to cover the membership cost. If the proposal is not selected, the bidder is under no obligation to pay a membership fee (but it should notify OGC that the application is being withdrawn). updated: 2018-07-13 09:42:01
How are the two points in the turn-by-turn navigation service defined? Are they custom points of interest on a map? Or pre-established areas from one room to another? In other words, will pathfinding have to be provided for one side of a room to another?
Answer: TBD. updated: 2018-07-15 11:20:53